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5.04 Carat Genuine Multi Stone .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

5.04 Carat Genuine Multi Stone .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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Product Details:
Stone_details: Amethyst
Category: Pendant
Subcategory: Amethyst
Qjc sku: QP7435MULTI-SSR
Gross wt: 3.9
Gemstone wt: 5.04 ctw
Total stone wt: 5.04 ctw
Uploading date: 43655
Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Metal stamp: 925 QJ™ IN
Finish: Rhodium Plated
Gender: Women
Product style: Cocktail Pendant
Height: 4.32 MM
Chain type: Cable Chain
Width: 17.27 MM
Clasp: Spring Ring Clasps
Length: 38.86 MM
Total qty of stones: 31
Height: 4.32 MM
Width: 17.27 MM
Length: 38.86 MM
Primary stone color: Purple
Birthstone month: February
Gift by occasion1: For SISTER
Gift by occasion2: For MOTHER
Gift by occasion3: For HER
Gross weight unit: Grams
stone1 details Information
Stone name1: Amethyst
Stone shape1: Oval
Stone size1: 6x4mm
Stone quantity1: 1
Stone cts1: 0.43 ctw
Stone creation method1: Natural
Stone treatment method1: Not Treated
Stone treatment code1: E
stone2 details Information
Stone name2: Amethyst
Stone shape2: Oval
Stone size2: 5x4mm
Stone quantity2: 2
Stone cts2: 0.68 ctw
Stone creation method2: Natural
Stone treatment method2: Not Treated
Stone treatment code2: E
stone3 details Information
Stone name3: Amethyst
Stone shape3: Round
Stone size3: 2.50mm
Stone quantity3: 1
Stone cts3: 0.06 ctw
Stone creation method3: Natural
Stone treatment method3: Not Treated
Stone treatment code3: E
stone4 details Information
Stone name4: Rhodolite Garnet
Stone shape4: Oval
Stone size4: 6x4mm
Stone quantity4: 2
Stone cts4: 1.04 ctw
Stone creation method4: Natural
Stone treatment method4: Not Treated
Stone treatment code4: N
stone5 details Information
Stone name5: Rhodolite Garnet
Stone shape5: Oval
Stone size5: 5x4mm
Stone quantity5: 1
Stone cts5: 0.42 ctw
Stone creation method5: Natural
Stone treatment method5: Not Treated
Stone treatment code5: N
stone6 details Information
Stone name6: Rhodolite Garnet
Stone shape6: Pear
Stone size6: 5x3mm
Stone quantity6: 1
Stone cts6: 0.27 ctw
Stone creation method6: Natural
Stone treatment method6: Not Treated
Stone treatment code6: N
stone7 details Information
Stone name7: Rhodolite Garnet
Stone shape7: Round
Stone size7: 2.00mm
Stone quantity7: 2
Stone cts7: 0.10 ctw
Stone creation method7: Natural
Stone treatment method7: Not Treated
Stone treatment code7: N
stone8 details Information
Stone name8: Rhodolite Garnet
Stone shape8: Pear
Stone size8: 4x3mm
Stone quantity8: 1
Stone cts8: 0.20 ctw
Stone creation method8: Natural
Stone treatment method8: Not Treated
Stone treatment code8: N
stone9 details Information
Stone name9: Swiss Blue Topaz
Stone shape9: Pear
Stone size9: 6x4mm
Stone quantity9: 1
Stone cts9: 0.50 ctw
Stone creation method9: Natural
Stone treatment method9: Irradiated
Stone treatment code9: E
stone10 details Information
Stone name10: Swiss Blue Topaz
Stone shape10: Oval
Stone size10: 6x4mm
Stone quantity10: 1
Stone cts10: 0.54 ctw
Stone creation method10: Natural
Stone treatment method10: Irradiated
Stone treatment code10: E
stone11 details Information
Stone name11: Swiss Blue Topaz
Stone shape11: Oval
Stone size11: 5x4mm
Stone quantity11: 1
Stone cts11: 0.40 ctw
Stone creation method11: Natural
Stone treatment method11: Irradiated
Stone treatment code11: E
stone12 details Information
Stone name12: White Topaz
Stone shape12: Round
Stone size12: 2.00mm
Stone quantity12: 1
Stone cts12: 0.04 ctw
Stone creation method12: Natural
Stone treatment method12: Heat Treated
Stone treatment code12: C
stone13 details Information
Stone name13: White Topaz
Stone shape13: Round
Stone size13: 1.80mm
Stone quantity13: 1
Stone cts13: 0.03 ctw
Stone creation method13: Natural
Stone treatment method13: Heat Treated
Stone treatment code13: C
stone14 details Information
Stone name14: White Topaz
Stone shape14: Round
Stone size14: 1.50mm
Stone quantity14: 15
Stone cts14: 0.33 ctw
Stone creation method14: Natural
Stone treatment method14: Heat Treated
Stone treatment code14: C

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