Trending Engagement Rings

Trending Engagement Rings

Trending Engagement Rings of 2023

We are witnessing a shift in trends for engagement rings as we move into the new year. Instead of focusing on classic, traditional styles, couples are choosing unique, personalized rings that reflect their style and personality. These are the top trends in engagement rings for this year.

  1. Colored stones are becoming more popular. While diamonds are a girl's best friend (and a good choice for a ring), more and more people are choosing colored stones as their engagement ring. While the most popular options are sapphire, emerald, and ruby, we also see more unusual choices like morganite or spinel. These colored stones bring a unique touch to the ring and add color.

  2. Mixed metal: Gone is the days when you could match yellow gold or platinum bands. Mixing and matching different metals is the new way to make your look unique. While rose gold and white are the most popular options, we are seeing more mixed metals like yellow and white or platinum and even rose gold.

  3. Antique and vintage styles: As couples seek ways to bring a sense of timelessness and history to their rings, they are increasingly popular with antique and vintage-inspired rings. These rings can be made to stand out and make a statement, from Art Deco-inspired designs to Edwardian motifs.

  4. Unique and handcrafted designs: Handcrafted engagement rings are increasingly in demand as couples seek unique and personalized designs. These rings can be customized with unique gemstones or hand-carved details.

  5. Ethical and sustainable options: As consumers become more conscious of sustainability and ethical issues, we see an increase in recycled and ethically-sourced material in engagement rings. From recycled gold and diamonds to lab-grown gemstones, these options offer a more environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious alternative.

The trend in the current year is to create unique and personal engagement rings. Couples are now choosing rings that reflect their style and personality, whether they choose vintage-inspired designs or mixed metals. As consumers seek more ethical and responsible choices, they are choosing ring designs that reflect their values and style.

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