Trending 2023 Jewelry Pieces!

Trending 2023 Jewelry Pieces!

It-girls are always ahead of the rest when it comes to fashion. They set the standard for the latest fashions, from statement coats to fashionable boots. It-girls also love jewelry. They are always changing their look with new and exciting pieces. These are the most popular pieces of jewelry it-girls are currently wearing, and how they style them.

   1. Chunky Chains

It-girls lead the way with chunky chains, which will make a huge comeback in 2023. For a casual look, you can wear bold necklaces with jeans and a white t-shirt for the daytime or with a stylish blazer for a night out. For a dramatic effect, some it-girls layer multiple chains of different lengths.

   2. Statement earrings

Statement earrings have been a popular trend for several years, and they are not slowing down in 2023. Bold earrings add color and personality to any outfit, whether they are large hoops or colorful tassels. These earrings are often worn with understated, simple clothing that allows the jewel to shine.

   3. Layered necklace 

While layered necklaces have been a popular choice for it-girl fashion for some time, they are constantly evolving. We are seeing more layered necklaces made with mixed metals, delicate chains, or unique pendants this year. Mixing and matching pieces is a common way for It-girls to create their own look.

   4. Stackable Rings

Stackable rings can be a fun way of adding interest to your hands and are very popular with it-girls. Mixing and matching different styles and shapes is a common practice, from simple rings to more intricate ones. It-girls are known for wearing stackable rings on multiple fingers. This creates a boho-chic look, which is perfect for spring/summer.

   5. Barrettes and hair accessories

It-girls are the ones who are reviving hair accessories. These accessories can be used to give your hair a unique look, from large barrettes to elaborate headbands. These accessories are often worn by It-girls with either slicked-back, straight hairstyles or messy buns.

   6. Body Jewelry

It's not just for festivals anymore - body jewelry is becoming a popular accessory that it-girls incorporate into their daily looks. This trend is all about adding sparkle to unexpected places, from delicate body chains to bold anklets. For a beachy look, it-girls will often sport body jewelry with shorter hemlines.

It-girls are always reinventing themselves with new and exciting jewelry trends. Accessorizing is a fun and easy task. You can add statement earrings to your collection, or layer delicate necklaces. Take a look at the trendsetters and have some fun with your jewelry.

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